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Tenuta Morganti

Contrada Frole 8 - Torano Nuovo (TE) -64010

VAT 01959420678



The origins of Tenuta Morganti date back to 1953 when Gino Morganti, returned from Venezuela, decides to settle in the family farm in Torano Nuovo and begins to plant the first vineyards of Montepulciano d 'Abruzzo and Trebbiano d' Abruzzo. Later helped by his wife Pepe Antonietta, and his sons Mirma and Nazareno, he enlarged the company.

They already produced an excellent wine, and also thanks to the passion for beekeeping a delicious honey.


The barrel is a quadruple room with a double bed and two singles with private bathroom that is perfect for families.

In 2014, the company passed into the hands of her granddaughter Gaia who, as soon as she came of age, realized she belonged to this place and decided to restore and reopen the company, giving it a more youthful imprint but without distorting it, all under the careful control of Mirma.

In the meantime, she continues her studies and in 2020 she takes a master's degree in Foreign Languages and Literatures.


These are years of sacrifices and work, which lead to the complete renovation of the former shed which will become the new cellar characterized by a style that manages to mix ancient and modern, a little bit of what Gaia represents.

From 2018 Sveva, the youngest of the family, began to collaborate but only after graduating in Social and International Science and Politics decides to return and actively help in the company. But

the idea of the sisters does not ends with the simple restoration of what already was, in fact they expand the company offer by dedicating themselves also
to hospitality but also in a way that is not taken for granted. , let guests stay in barrel-houses, that is, wooden barrels that have a bedroom and a private bathroom inside them.


Today, Tenuta Morganti consists of almost 6 hectares and provides for an all-round production ranging from wine, extra virgin olive oil, honey, seasonal products and everything that our imagination puts to good use.